Twinstarcars originated from the encounter between Maxime and Thomas, two very particular car lovers with one major common passion: the search for legendary classics and cult cars, with the intention to find them a new appropriate owner.

At Twinstarcars you will only find cars that arouse passion and emotion, whether it be because of their shape, their motor or their history. In short, we deal in cars that are much sought after and will be cherished by their new owners. Twinstarcars distinguishes itself by looking for cars in top shape, generally with as little mileage as possible, and with a traceable history.

Twinstarcars specialises in BMWs with the famous e-codes, in particular those specimens that rolled off the assembly lines between 1980 and 2005. However, we also deal in the right specimens from the periods before and after, especially in the beauties M Gmbh and BMW ALPINA. We do not shun other car brands either, as long as the cars meet our high standards and most of all… as long as they provoke the right emotions!



I believe the first word I spoke must have been ‘car’! Since childhood I have been a passionate car and car sports lover. BMW has always been my favorite brand and up to this day I am a great fan of BMW motor sports.

My own very first car was a E46 M3, a car I cherished particularly much! After working for 5 years as a salesperson in a  BMW concession, where I met Thomas who was a customer back then, I wanted to apply myself more to special specimens. And so it happened that Thomas and I created Twinstarcars …


Ever since the purchase of my first car, a BMW e21 323i, when I was fifteen, I have been a passionate fan of BMW.

Since that time I have had a number of BMWs and Alpina’s, but seeing a car lover leave our shop with his/her dream car still pleases me as much as ever.

Our values

  • Honest cars
    We make an honest analysis of the car. The motor, the car body, the general state of the car and its history are all meticulously checked. We do not shrink from pointing out to the customer the flaws of the car, if any.  Honesty is the best policy!
  • Unique specimens
    The cars we are looking for are always unique because of their impeccable state, their mileage or their model.
  • The right contacts
    Because of our experience in the sector, we have been able to develop a network of the right contacts throughout Europe. So if you are in search of your own dream car, do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you in your quest.
  • Love for your four wheeled vehicle
    It goes without saying that we practise our profession with the utmost passion. We will handle and take care of your dream car with as much love as you would give it yourself.
  • Renowned partners
    At Twinstarcars we have a lot of knowhow… but not in every field. For your particular wishes we have  partnerships with real specialists. In that way, a car coming fromTwinstarcars distinguishes itself from any other. To that purpose, we collaborate with motor specialists, car detailers, (sports car) preparers, aso.